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Since 2013, we have been helping clients from all over France either relocating to France, or who have purchased a second home.

All our team are native English speakers from the UK, Ireland, and the U.S. Most of the team have worked in the banking, mortgage, and insurance industry in several other countries, giving the agency a richness of experience of the banking and insurance experience and rules outside of France. Many of the team have also been through the relocation process moving from abroad to live in France, so we understand the uphill struggle you may have ahead.

We offer a wide range of contracts on behalf of a globally recognised company. The agency is structured to offer specialist skills to ensure a professional service for the various insurance needs you may have. Furthermore, we offer specialist services for larger or unusual properties, collectors cars/motorbikes, or even helping you expand your company abroad. In the unfortunate event of a claim, our claims are handled in-house, rather than a large centralised department.

We are the only agency in France dedicated to providing a service in English. Under French law your contract must be in French, but we will offer a summary of your quote in English. The quote request and all correspondence with the team is in English too. We will answer any questions you may have and take time to explain anything you are unsure of.

In helping to explain how French insurance works and getting you correctly insured, we can simplify your arrival in France and ease your transition into a new life.